A way of Managing

In B.M.C., Quality is perceived as a factor of basic importance to reach the levels of the Customer’s requirements and to assure high performances, reliability, availability and safety of the fabricated components in compliance with the applicable standards.


  1. Tools: toward

  • Resources optimization
  • Shorter realization time
  • Lower costs
  1. Method: oriented to

  • Innovation
  • Continuing improvement
  1. Objective: to satisfay

  • Costumer
  • Technical / economic needsand expectations of the market


  • ExxonMobil

  • Saipem

  • Clg

  • Axens

The B.M.C. Quality Management System, in accordance with ISO9001:2015, is continuously working in order to implement the quality policy:

Contruction of
Stainless Steel Internals
for the Chemical & Petrochemical Industries


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